Void Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is the result of workshop experiments with laser cut and pressed stainless-steel tube.

The two end cuts of the tube follow the direction of the hand and thumb as they grip the form.

Task Torch

Task Torch is a torch for tasks. Its shock-proof rubber body is a pleasure to hold, whilst the free-form shape allows the torch to be left in a range of positions whilst the user carries out the task in hand.

Pinch Pen

As a response to how a pen is held, this stainless-steel pen is pinched where the hand grabs the pen shaft just above the nib.

Constantin Brancusi’s Bird sculpture was a reference in the search for this logical balanced form.

Personal Storage

This range of 25 personal storage units for Beyon is a reaction to the usual grey metal box often used in the office.

By introducing curved corners, the units were immediately softened. The return pedestals offer users massive storage space for binders and books, with a natural up-stand around the surface of the pedestal.

Mi Chair

Mi is a chair that is based on the archetypal chair form, but with a quirky, slightly cartoon like shape.

Mi is available in three options: Stacking sled base; swivel base with arms and swivel base without arms.

Memory & Light

Installed in the Norfolk House Music Room at the V&A Museum, Memory & Light was designed in response to Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s quote:

‘I could compare my music to white light, which contains all colours. Only a prism can divide the colours and make them appear; this prism could be the spirit of the listener.’

A contemplative, multi-sensory experience, the installation takes the form of a curving, transparent structure and a listening bench that emits music.

The installation was designed by Stephen Philips, Ned Crowe (acoustician) and Ed Elbourne (lighting) of Arup and initiated by independent curator and writer Clare Farrow.

Handy Stool

Designed for Spanish furniture manufacturer Sellex, Handy is a compact stool that fits under tables for quick meetings and workshops.

Handy is circular with a polypropylene base that allows stacking and mobility. It is compact enough to fit under tables and desks. The seat rim allows the user to pull the stool out from under tables and is easy to carry. Handy 100/100 is a major and important innovation, made from 100% recycled plastic.

Duplex Train

Duplex is a double decker, high capacity, high speed driverless train concept. The aerodynamic form is designed to reduce air turbulence, drag and power demand. The concept was designed and modelled by Stephen and visualised by Dan Weedon.

Club Wall

Club Wall is a freestanding partition system providing areas of privacy in an open plan space. The double skin construction with a volume of air inside provides superb acoustic performance and allows power, data and technology to be fitted within the wall. The graphic connection brackets and two-pin fixings is a reference to curtain wall building facades.

Due to it’s generous thickness, Club Wall has a feeling of permanence, despite its flat-pack furniture construction. Designed for Beyon London, Club Wall is available in transparent glass or solid colour finishes.

Chemistry Collection

Chemistry is a flexible furniture system designed for Beyon.

The variety of organic desk and meeting tables in the range is considerable, with the highly sophisticated high gloss minimalist screen adding an accent colour to the assembly.