Bulk Storage

This range incorporates comprehensive storage solutions for the modern workplace.

Answering the needs of today’s fast moving office, Beyon Storage consists of 99 units incorporating drawers for hanging files, stationary and CD’s, cupboards with soft close doors with adjustable shelving for lever arch, box files, books and magazines.

Beyon System

The Beyon System is a collection of desks, screens, meeting tables, cable trays and accessories for the office.

The screen with integral cable management remains independent of the work surface allowing easy management of IT cabling.

Beyon System won ‘Best Workplace Product; at the 2002 FX Interior Design Awards.

Beam Work Platform

Designed for collaborative work, this space efficient, super-stable platform can be used for touchdown or fixed work for up to 12 people.

The Beam collection is available in 17 standard lengths, incorporating a plethora of complementary accessories. The centre screen is a floating volume of abstract colour.

Be Open Sound Portal

The Sound Portal was an experiential pavilion conceived for the 10th anniversary of the London Design Festival and was installed in Trafalgar Square. Stephen created the pavilion concept for Arup and worked through the details with Arup’s acousticians, structural engineers and lighting designers. The sound insulated pavilion shells masked the noise from one of the busiest and most vibrant squares in the world, allowing visitors to experience spatial sound. Listers could lie back on the circular listening bench, look at the sky and contemplate the specially commisioned sound works, composed specifically for the event.


Airstream is a family of super-thin display and communication products using OLED low-energy display technology and wafer PCB’s.

The product family includes a phone, touch-pad and monitor. The camera-phone exploits a curved, laminated OLED touch-screen display, allowing unparalleled ergonomic comfort.

The elliptical flat on the back allows considered positioning on surfaces with port access on the back.

The hand-held, touch-screen web-pad and OLED monitor complete the family, all following the same rigorous aesthetic that befits this low energy, user friendly technology.